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More details have been made available regarding Battlefield 1's Server Rental program. EA/Dice have confirmed that rented servers will be available in November. A feature which won't be included in the initital role out is the function to kick/ban players, however EA/Dice have confirmed this will be included at a slightly later date due to popular demand. Prices appear to be linked to the amount of days you rent the server rather then how many slots you have, for example to rent a server for 180 days it will cost $149 (£121) or £30 per month. It is not yet clear if there will be an additional cost for more player slots, or high tick rate servers. For more information click here.

=S*E= RoguE I wouldn't assume anything with EA Fen. I can't believe they expect people to pay for a server that they do n...
=S*E= Fenumeher ADMIN If that is the price its not bad! We can almost assume these prices are most likely for 30 man servers. Renting a BF4 se...

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Solo Elite Battlefield 1 competition for your chance to win a free copy of Battlefield 1 on the PC! It was great to see quite a few people take part in promoting our Social Network sites by liking, shareing and retweeting content. Statistically however, there was only one outright winner who was head and shoulders above the rest... *DRUM ROLL* huge congratulations to =S*E=Rogue aka the 're-tweet king' on winning a free copy of Battlefield 1. Rogue, please PM Rod to claim your prize, well done!

=S*E= Monkey09090 congratulations!
=S*E= RoguE Thanks guys :)
=S*E= RattleR ADMINO Well Done Matt !

In this weeks edition of Solo Elite: How Stuff Works we bring you behind the scenes footage from =S*E= OnAngelsWings showing the making of the latest design for the =S*E= Polo Shirt! Filmed in the MollieBobbins design workshop, Solo Elite honorary member 'Kelly' shows just how much work goes into making such a special and unique Solo Elite product. Huge thanks again to MollieBobbins and OnAngelsWings for all the hard work you have both put into this project. Now sit back, relax and enjoy!

=S*E= FULCON-ARROW ADMIN Loving the Dab! haha
=S*E= Fenumeher ADMIN Veeeery coool!

Origin Access members can now download Battlefield 1 for a 10 hour trial period before the game is released on the 18th October to Early Enlisters. Not only do you get 10 crucial hours of experience ahead of those who have pre-ordered the game you can also achieve a unique set of Dog Tags and a Battlepack which will be rewarded to you in the main game. Don't hesitate, sign up to Origin Access and get your 10 hour trial now!

Check out the LATEST Multiplayer footage here!

=S*E= Monkey09090 Just make sure you log out of origin when you are done playing. I didnt and went to bed and my time is all gone, but luc...
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